Virtual IT Manager

Business need a full time IT Manager that is high skilled and experienced, that provides assistance to all areas of the business. Our Virtual IT manager can provide you with the knowledge and expertise of our full IT staff on a case by case basis.

Mobile Networking

Our virtual IT Managers will assist you in developing IT Policies and procedures, standardizing activities to streamline operations. We will assist in optimizing your current systems to get the most out of your budget, regular maintenance ensures that your in house systems are running at their best performance and this can prolong the life of your investment.

We will take advantage of new technologies, this makes Terra Nova IT an important partner to better guide you in the implementation of new technologies for your business.

Information technology managers are mainly responsible for planning, coordinating and directing activities that have to do with the computer and information systems of a company. From the hardware to software to the network of an organization, IT managers are in charge of their installation and maintenance. They supervise the setting up of work stations, the linking of the necessary hardware and the loading of the software required in each computer.

Virtual IT Manager Chart

IT Projects and Assessments

Virtual IT Project Assessments

To better serve your business needs, we need to understand your current state of technology, this includes hardware, software & infrastructure, critical vendor applications and vendors. We will assist you in identifying critical business process and potential vulnerabilities & risks. We can provide an specific or overall project that aligns your IT Needs to your business goals.

Network Design and Build

Virtual IT Network Design and Build

Our network resources provide a full design & implementation cabling system for your facilities. We can provide with both active and passive infrastructure analysis and implementation for your digital services.

Structured installations of both Network cabling, fiber optics, paging systems, CCTV, Wireless networks are all available for your business needs.


Virtual IT Telecommunications

Terra Nova IT has partnered with several ISP’s to provide a one stop solution for your data telecommunication needs, we will advise, and coordinate installations of these digital services to your facilities and ensure your services will take advantage of these services.